A home search all about you

Casa Blanca combines personalized technology with bespoke services for simple, stylish, and stress-free real estate.

Properties tailored to your taste

Our intuitive app curates property listings based on what matters most to you, giving you a far more enjoyable search.

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We’re with you at every step

From finding your home to the finishing touches, Casa Blanca supports and elevates your entire experience.

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Save up to 1% on closing

No hidden fees or complicated commission structures here. We give all buyers up to 1% cashback as a closing bonus—a third of what we collect.

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$800M in homes sold through Casa Blanca


Over 500 properties sold


98% success rate for Condo and Co-op applications

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The Casa Blanca App

Our intuitive mobile app learns more as you use it to help you find a home that’s uniquely yours. Just swipe right!

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Personalized listings to fit your needs

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Removes homes you don’t like

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Shows how much money you’ll save

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The fastest way to message your agent

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in the press

"Part of the experience of the app is every single apartment you’re looking at, we tell you how much you get back."

"The swiping system isn’t just for kicks; it actually solves some common house-hunting problems. When you like a place, it saves it for you. From there, you can set up a viewing, link said appointment to your calendar, and even make an offer—all from your phone. "

"Designed to go beyond square footage and budget, the search engine also factors in familial status, day-to-day lifestyle necessities, and neighborhood must-haves to serve each user with the homes that best fit his or her life."

"While our agents are an integral part of the company, they are not responsible for bringing in business and have more organizational support, which allows them to focus on the individual more and creates a better end-to-end experience for the consumer"

"The app, a design-centric minimalist’s dream, is major eye candy."

The Casa Blanca Club for long-term benefits

Get your keys, get your card

All Casa Blanca buyers automatically receive membership.

Enjoy partner perks and save

Access exclusive partner discounts and get up to 1% cashback on closing.

Move with The Casa Concierge

Our premium service can arrange your move, find childcare, book travel, and more.

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One dedicated agent, all the listings

Your agent is matched to your preferences and guides you through every stage of your search, from wish list to “welcome home.” All of our agents are trained in-house by our expert team to make sure your experience is top-notch.